The Relation Between Libido and Testosterone

libido and TestosteroneThe male sex drive can be a surprisingly mysterious thing. Men are often assumed to be in a permanent state of readiness. When people think of foreplay, it’s usually centered on a woman’s needs. Common wisdom tends to hold that women need to be urged into a state of arousal, while men continually live in it. Women often agree with that view, and younger men often do as well. Older men tend to see things differently though. Although even that’s not a fully accurate way to look at the situation. Because it’s not so much that older men disagree, but that men with lower levels of testosterone do. It’s simply that older men will often have a lower average level of testosterone. To combat decreasing testosterone in men theĀ best male testosterone booster on the market can get you back to regular levels or testosterone.

All of that leads up to an important question. Is testosterone that important to one’s sex drive? There’s really not a huge amount of debate on the subject. To be fair, there’s a lot of discussion about why high testosterone levels correlate with a high sex drive. However, the mechanism of action is somewhat irrelevant to observed fact. In addition, that fact is that when testosterone levels are high, a man’s sex drive will be as well. Moreover, when testosterone levels are low, so will a man’s sex drive?

In fact, the phenomenon isn’t even limited to men. Testosterone is usually thought of as the male sex hormone. And it’s quite true that it’s much more highly represented in men, and responsible for most secondary sexual characteristics. But it’s also true that women produce testosterone as well. In fact, as they grow older their estrogen levels drop. This creates a higher ratio between testosterone levels and estrogen levels in their bodies. Unsurprisingly, this is also correlated with an increased sex drive for most women, as they grow older. It’s in many ways the exact opposite experience of what many men go through.

The way that testosterone affects women might not seem very important at first when the actual topic is men’s health. It’s quite significant for two big reasons though. The first is that it demonstrated that testosterone really is the hormone of sexual arousal. Even when testosterone levels are naturally low in a person, it’s still the controlling factor in how easily aroused a person will be. The other big reason is that it shows how much difference even small shifts in testosterone levels can make. The increase in normal testosterone levels as women age is generally fairly low. But that’s still enough to have a measurable effect in their overall behavior. This demonstrates how much of a difference a shift in the other direction can make for men. Even a small change in a man’s testosterone levels can make a big difference in how he sees the world.